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Multiculturality.Com was invited to podcast the conference, Challenging the Parallel Lives Myth: Race, Sociology, Statistics and Politics which took place at the LSE on May 13 2009. The BSA Race and Ethnicity Study Group and the BSPS took the opportunity of the publication of Sleepwalking to Segregation’? Challenging myths about race and immigration by Nissa Finney and Ludi Simpson (Policy Press 2009) to review recent public debates about ‘race’, immigration and integration. The idea of communities living ‘parallel lives’ and of Britain ‘sleepwalking to segregation’ will be a major focus of the seminar. The occasion will also mark the official launch of Sleepwalking to Segregation


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Les Back

Listen to Les Back’s keynote address at the Questioning the European ‘Crisis of Multiculturalism’ colloquium. It is preceded by a short introduction by Gavan Titley and Alana Lentin.

Gavan Titley at the Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

Gavan Titley on “The Comforts of crisis: Recited Multiculturalism in Western Europe” at the Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex on March 12 2009